Taxpayer Advocacy Panel

National Taxpayer Advocate Releases 2015
Annual Report to Congress

The IRS’s “Future State” plans for tax services tops the list of concerns in the National Taxpayer Advocate’s 2015 Annual Report to Congress, released Jan. 6, 2016. The report outlines and provides recommendations on major tax issues affecting Americans, including reductions in IRS service levels and their impact on taxpayer rights. For more information and access to the full report, please visit the 2015 Annual Report to Congress.

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TAP is a group of volunteers dedicated to helping the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) identify ways to improve customer service and satisfaction. TAP is a Federal Advisory committee established in 2002 under the authority of the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

The Taxpayer Advocacy Panel listens to taxpayers, identifies taxpayers' issues, and makes suggestions for improving IRS service and customer satisfaction.

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