Joint Committee

The TAP Joint Committee is comprised of the National TAP Chair, Vice-Chair, and Chairs of the other TAP committees. The purpose of the Joint Committee is to act on behalf of TAP members to advance the TAP’s mission; to listen to taxpayers, and make recommendations to improve the IRS. Its role is to:

  • Review and approve project committee recommendations;
  • Approve recommended policy and procedural changes;
  • Coordinate project committee activities;
  • Represent the consensus views of TAP in public statements;
  • Communicate decisions to TAP members; and
  • Prepare the TAP Annual Report.

TAP Director, IRS Designated Federal Officer: Terrie English
IRS Joint Committee Analyst: Matthew O'Sullivan

Last Name:  First Name: Title:
 Hirschfeld  Heidi  TAP Chair
 Kusiak  Patrick  TAP Vice-Chair
 Frausto  Victor  Chair, Notices & Correspondence Committee
 Kleiber  Phillip  Chair, Toll-Free Committee
 Tracy  Kathryn  Chair, Taxpayer Assistance Center Committee
 Stratton  Bruce  Chair, Tax Forms & Publications Committee
 Anthony  Patricia  Chair, Communications Committee
 Williams  Cheryl  Chair, Special Projects Committee
 Azzaro  Alice  Chair, Internal Communications Committee


2019 Meeting Minutes

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