TAP Recommendations

Since its creation, the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel (TAP) has provided more than 1,800 recommendations to the IRS to improve taxpayer service and satisfaction with IRS services, products and procedures. These issues are derived from direct taxpayer feedback as well as projects the IRS asked the TAP to work.

After TAP submits a recommendation, IRS program areas review the recommendation and implement it if appropriate and feasible. While the IRS gives serious consideration to TAP recommendations, it is sometimes limited in its ability to implement recommendations due to cost, legislative or regulatory restrictions, a difference in philosophy, or the need to balance relieving taxpayer burdens with their responsibility to efficiently collect proper tax revenues owed.

The Taxpayer Advocacy Panel has been busy making recommendations to improve customer satisfaction. An overview of some of their work is below:
  • The Notices and Correspondence Committee reviewed various IRS notices and made recommendations for additional clarity and content to help meet the needs of the reader. The committee suggested consistent language regarding payment, assessment of interest and penalties on the notices sent regarding installment agreements (CP 14, CP14H).
  • The Special Projects Committee recommended the expansion of search terms that are used by taxpayers in looking for information in the search box on IRS.gov.
  • The Taxpayer Assistance Center Committee recommended taxpayer’s visiting a TAC without an appointment be afforded the opportunity to be seen under the TAC Appointment Exception procedures.
  • The Taxpayer Communications Committee reviewed various tools used by IRS to communicate the availability to various products and services offered on IRS.gov.
  • The Toll-free Committee provided suggestions that would provide callers top-quality service and expand services available to taxpayers. This year the committee made recommendations to the after hours toll free script IRS uses when the office is closed.
  • The Tax Form and Publications committee continued to review various tax forms, instructions, and publications to provide suggestions to better meet the needs of taxpayers. This year the committee reviewed form W-4: Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate and made recommendations to improve its clarity.

Detailed information about TAP’s recommendations to the IRS in 2019, as well as in previous years, is provided below.