Special Projects Committee

The Special Projects Committee addresses issues not covered by the other established TAP Project committees. The committee’s work includes, but is not limited to: issues regarding E-Services, identify theft, and tax issues impacting citizens living abroad. The Special Projects committee is working on:

  • Improvements to how the IRS provides information to taxpayers concerning identity theft issues.
  • Improving the way the IRS provides transcript information to taxpayers who have been victims of identity theft.
  • Helping taxpayers, who are overseas, get access to IRS services and information, including getting account transcript information.
  • Working to assist overseas taxpayers with the ability to electronically file returns.

IRS Project Committee Manager/DFO: Cedric Jeans
IRS Project Committee Analyst: Fred Smith

Committee Members

Last Name
First Name
Project Committee
 Gati  Michael  Laughlin  NV  Special Projects
 Gray  Gina  Nichols Hills  OK  Special Projects
 Hughes  John  Memphis  TN  Special Projects
 Mason  Kimberly  Chicago  IL  Special Projects
 Moretti  Robert  Great Falls  MT  Special Projects
 Mosely  Tiffany  Santa Monica  CA  Special Projects
 Petersen  Kristen  Colorado Springs  CO  Special Projects
 Russell  Richard  Owens Cross Roads  AL  Special Projects
 Snyder  Laura  Le Mesnil le Roi  International  Special Projects
 Williams  Cheryl  Shelton  WA  Special Projects


2019 Meeting Minutes

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