TAP Members

TAP is comprised of members from across the United States, the District of Columbia, international U.S. taxpayers working and living abroad, and Puerto Rico, who volunteer to serve a three-year term. These volunteers generally spend between 200 and 300 hours per year on member activities that further TAP’s mission to improve the IRS.

TAP members focus on specific issues through Project and Joint Committee work and provide direct input to the IRS on new and existing IRS programs and initiatives. Members represent diverse experiences, training, backgrounds and interests. The International member represents the interests of U.S. taxpayers living overseas, including dual citizens, who must meet U.S. tax obligations. A current member roster list is below.

Last Name
First Name
Project Committee
 Berlage  Paul  Cincinnati  OH  Notices & Correspondence
 Bowser  Shani  Harrisburg  PA  Notices & Correspondence
 Bunner  Tracy  Farr West  UT  Notices & Correspondence
 Dixson  Felecia  Rolla  MO  Notices & Correspondence
 Fitzherbert  Ronald  Fairaces  NM  Notices & Correspondence
 Folta  Bradford  Gardiner  MN  Notices & Correspondence
 Jones  Charles  Green Cove Springs  FL  Notices & Correspondence
 Shamgochian  Michael  Petersham  MA  Notices & Correspondence
 Shepherd  Kimberly  Monroe  LA  Notices & Correspondence
 Smith  Leonard  Sherwood  AR  Notices & Correspondence
 Snowden  Barbara  West Haven  CT  Notices & Correspondence
 Avery  Michael  San Juan  PR  Special Projects
 Gray  Gina  Nichols Hills  OK  Special Projects
 Havey  Dorothy  Lincolnville  ME  Special Projects
 Hughes  John  Memphis  TN  Special Projects
 Knight-Paige  Cassandra  Houston  TX  Special Projects
 Moretti  Robert  Great Falls  MT  Special Projects
 Ruest  Brandon  North Providence  RI  Special Projects
 Russell  Richard  Guntersville  AL  Special Projects
 Snyder  Laura  Le Mesnil Roi  International  Special Projects
 Williams  Cheryl  Shelton  WA  Special Projects
 Brock  Laurie  Eugene  OR  Tax Forms & Publications
 Kusiak  Patrick  Arlington  VA  Tax Forms & Publications
 Lewis  Kenneth  New York  NY  Tax Forms & Publications
 Lewis  Martha  Colorado Springs  CO  Tax Forms & Publications
 Magyar  Joseph  Tampa  FL  Tax Forms & Publications
 Parker  T Renee  Brentwood  NY  Tax Forms & Publications
 Pickron  Alexas  Townsend  DE  Tax Forms & Publications
 Selden  Stephen  Oxford  MD  Tax Forms & Publications
 Stratton  Bruce  Boise  ID  Tax Forms & Publications
 Villella  Sandy  Wildomar  CA  Tax Forms & Publications
 Brown  Patrice  Brooklyn  NY  Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC)
 Campbell  Sheila  Washington  DC  Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC)
 Donovan  Edward  Holly Springs  NC  Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC)
 Haynie  Licia  Kaneohi  HI  Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC)
 King  Paula  Lexington  KY  Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC)
 Sa  Ying  Des Moines  IA  Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC)
 Smith  Thurston  Memphis  TN  Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC)
 Tracy  Kathryn  Buckeye  AZ  Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC)
 Tross  Nina  Apollo Beach  FL  Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC)
 Whitmarsh  Anthony  San Marcos  CA  Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC)
 Wilson  Jessica  Byram  MS  Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC)
 Analitis  Hercules Iraklis  Urbana  IL  Taxpayer Communications
 Anthony  Patricia  Garland  TX  Taxpayer Communications
 Bell  Marlon  Pearland  TX  Taxpayer Communications
 Buttonow  Jim  Summerfield  NC  Taxpayer Communications
 Funair  Lindsey  Du Bois  PA  Taxpayer Communications
 Groff  Matthew  Beverly  MA  Taxpayer Communications
 Lin  Ai  China Lake  CA  Taxpayer Communications
 Obiaka  Cedric  Omaha  NE  Taxpayer Communications
 Wood  Leigh Ann  Columbia  SC  Taxpayer Communications
 Burris  Donna  New York  NY  Toll-Free Phone Line
 Edelen  Joseph  Vermillion  SD  Toll-Free Phone Line
 Flakes  Terrill  Atlanta  GA  Toll-Free Phone Line
 Kleiber  Phillip  Roswell  GA  Toll-Free Phone Line
 Peterson  Bernard  Cazenovia  NY  Toll-Free Phone Line
 Pinkney  Cynthia  Tyler  TX  Toll-Free Phone Line
 Price  Andrea  Sylvania  OH  Toll-Free Phone Line
 Rice   Lacy  Radcliff  KY  Toll-Free Phone Line