Taxpayer Assistance Center (TAC) Improvements Project Committee

Face-to-face assistance is essential to effective tax administration. Certain segments of the taxpaying population will always require face-to-face assistance. The TAC Improvements Project Committee will partner with the IRS to provide input from the taxpayer’s perspective on improving services and the customer’s experience at TAC offices. In 2017, the committee addressed:

  • Ways TACs can better meet the needs of those truly needing a face to face interaction. Many services provided at a TAC are available online.  Promoting the use of IRS online services allows those who require a face to face meeting, the opportunity to receive timely service at a TAC and reduces wait times.
  • Concerns of Educational Institutions Financial Aid departments with being able to discern the validity of transcripts received from students applying for financial aid. The committee developed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for posting to the’s Get it Transcripts page accessed via a special link for Educational Institutions/Third Party Recipients thus reducing the need for these institutions to send students to a TAC for a “certified” transcript (which does not exist).

IRS Project Committee Manager/DFO: Susan Jimerson
IRS Project Committee Analyst: Matthew O'Sullivan

Committee Members

Last Name
First Name
Project Committee
 Brown  Patrice  Brooklyn  NY  Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC)
 Campbell  Sheila  Washington  DC  Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC)
 Donovan  Edward  Holly Springs  NC  Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC)
 Haynie  Licia  Kaneohi  HI  Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC)
 King  Paula  Lexington  KY  Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC)
 Sa  Ying  Des Moines  IA  Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC)
 Smith  Thurston  Memphis  TN  Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC)
 Tracy  Kathryn  Buckeye  AZ  Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC)
 Tross  Nina  Apollo Beach  FL  Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC)
 Whitmarsh  Anthony  San Marcos  CA  Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC)
 Wilson  Jessica  Byram  MS  Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC)

2020 Meeting Minutes

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